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Good afternoon all,

I have seen a few comments come into this blog and wanted to let anyone who is following it know that I don’t post here anymore. If you want to keep up to date with my going ons and following my running and life journey check out trailingtheblonde.com

Thanks for checking it out!! Hope to see you there!

Mid-week catchup

Happy hump day!!!!!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my puppy got sick. She decided to try and eat her entire chew rope in one swallow and spent the next hourish throwing up so I left work early to come be with her,


She slept a lot and drank a lot of water.

In other news i decided it was time to get a new comforter and douvet cover.



I ordered off Amazon


It came nicely packed.

Here is what it looks like.


I think she likes it.


Love this and it’s so true.

Yesterday I did strength training with my trainer, we focused on arms and abs since my legs were still recovering from my run when I sort of twisted my ankle.
This morning we did swim training and drills.

Tonight I had fun going to trivia!! We came in 3rd placs! Not too shabby!!!

I love that getting up bright and early for a race is actually sleeping in for me now hahahahaha!!!

I headed in Portland this morning for the Bridge to Brews 10k. They had a good setup and easy race day packet pick-up. They did have a bag drop but you had to have brought a bag which i didn’t. After i got my packet pick-up  i walked back to my car to drop off my race shirt and my sweater.


We got lined up and headed out!


Part of the run was on the freeway which was interesting.


We got to run over the Freemont bridge.

The official chip times haven’t been posted but the time when i crossed the finish lines was a 2 min faster than  my last PR. But my Garmin said i PR’d by 10min! We will see what the official race time says.

After the race i had a date waiting at the finish line for me. I gave him my drink tickets and proceeded to get him tipsy at 10:30am hahahaha.

We then went out to lunch to a pizza place that was a million block walk but a very cool place. It is part of the Portland underground.


This is the bathroom lol.

The rest of the day was off my feet at home.


Isn’t she soooo sweet!? Lol

Overall i enjoyed the race, they had bands along the way and 2 aid stations. The only faults i have are no bags given for the bag checks and the insane lines at the beer stations but that was pretty much to be expected. 

Love this!!! I am always looking for healthy, yummy snacks to try.

This post has inspired me to try and make beet chips with all the beets i am getting from my CSA!

The Crunchy Journal

Kale ChipsI have fallen into the kale chip craze, and I may need a rehabilitation program to get over how amazing this snack is. I wasn’t sure if I would be a fan of the crispy version of the bitter “super food,” so I journeyed to my local grocery store to purvey their selection of kale chips.

One brand was a curry flavor and did not look appetizing. Next, I found a vegan cheese version called Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale Chips. This one looked yummy, plus they were on sale, so those came home with me. As I was cooking dinner that night, I popped open the box and started munching on these leafy chips … and to my surprise, they were delicious! I was surprised by the flavor and how addicting they were. I nearly ate the entire box while making dinner!

While I was impressed with this crispy delights, I was not impressed…

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Friendly Visits

Hi Everyone!!!!

I have had two great weekends in a row!!!

The 10th, 11th, and 12th my friend came in from out of town to visit before I move (ill post about that later) and it was sooo good to see her! I hadn’t seen her since our graduation, which was May of 2013.

Thursday night we stayed up talking and catching up until 2 am!!! (11pm is now a late night for me hahahaha). Friday i got us up at 5:30am to go to crossfit, then we went for a 4 mile walk in the park.

We took the MAX into Portland where i showed her my favorite place: Powell’s Books. This is a book nerd’s heaven on earth, we even went into the rare book room!!!!!! We got voodoo donuts which is a Portland must, not that i really understand the craze, they are just donuts.




but they are shaped funny hahaha!

then we got a delicious lunch and headed back toward home. stopped at the local farmers market then went home and watched movies.

Saturday Morning we watched movies and said goodbye, she had to get home by early to work a double on Sunday.


Then this past weekend Brandy and i went to the coast on a trip i won at the company Christmas Party……omg it was sooo nice!!


this was the view from our HUGE balcony.

The room was beautiful


we ate clam chowder each of the 3 days we were there hahaha. Saturday we went for a run/walk on the beach and checked out the tide pools then walked into town to an adorable coffee shop for lunch



we explored town a bit, got a little culture from the local museum and some pretty earrings from a glass shop. then went back to the room and napped hahaha.


its blurry but i dressed up a smidge for dinner……then stuffed my face with a pound of Alaskan King crab legs 🙂

we hit brunch Sunday morning and stuffed ourselves again then drove home.

All in all both weekends were great, there is something renewing and good for the soul about spending time with great friends.

True friends are like family, you may have your ups and downs and good times and bad, but once they are in your life, they are in your life forever.


Have you done something fun with your friends lately?




Cross Fit!!!

Hi Everyone!!


Let’s talk about cross fit. Now cross fit is one of these new exercises that have become controversial. I think cross fit is controversial because you can end up lifting large amounts of weight way too soon and injuring yourself. I think this is very subjective to the gym you attend. I am so happy that Brandy and i have found a gym that really cares about its people. It is CrossFit Boones Ferry.  These amazing trainers have eased Brandy and i into this great new way of working out. They limit the amount of weight we work with, the time we work out and how many reps we do. They even Facebook message us to check up on us and see how we are doing. They are an amazing and caring group of people and i am going to miss them so much when i move back to Nevada. But you can bet ill still be doing their WOD (workout of the day).

I feel like such a badass during and after a crossfit class…..well, ok i fell a bit like i am dying but i still feel like an almost dead bad ass hahaha. I think if you find the right gym with the right people you can love cross fit like i do and do it in a safe way.






You post your times and/or reps on the white board. No it is not a competition and no one makes you feel bad or makes fun of you if you come in last (i should know hahaha) it is a way to keep track of your accomplishments, because every workout is an accomplishment 🙂

Have you tried cross fit?

If so do you like it? Why or why not?

Stress Eating


Oy, between eating out several meals in a row, as if you would skip on some mom sponsored meals out? And some stressful apartment BS (I don’t plan on living with anyone other than a family member for a LOOOONG time) my once also fitting jeans are back to me squeezing into them.

blog 3

Add in that I didn’t really workout much this week ( I know bad me) and the fact that in less than a week I think I had 3.5 pizzas (hey at least one of them was homemade, and pizza is my weakness).

blog 2

I used to have a problem with the amount of food I ate and when I am really stressed or am depressed I tend to veer back toward that habit.

Thankfully the more I work on this the less often it happens and for less and less time. This is probably my longest fall off the wagon in a while. Yes I allow myself pizza and treats and all the things we need for balance and to not go crazy, but we all have those triggers.


Stress and depression are my biggest triggers for overeating. I have been doing so good this last year, even with this being probably the second most difficult year of my life, (obviously the year my dad died tops as number one) but it looks like the stress finally all caught up to me and I let it out this week. There was crying and stress eating and upset stomachs. I was a mess.

But the important thing is that I identify this before it gets out of hand. A few bloat pounds I can deal with and drop back down with a few days of clean eating and living. The biggest thing is to make sure I don’t let it become a pattern, that I break it before it becomes a problem.

Do you stress eat?


Hi everyone!!!!

So today i want to do a quick post about rewarding yourself for all the hard work you are doing! It can be really hard to get into the grove of working out and to keep it going long term. One thing i think that helps with that is rewarding yourself.

Pick a workout goal…..like one of mine is to be able to do to a pull up all by myself. When i achieve this goal my reward to myself is going to be a relaxing manicure for my hands that i will have beat up on the bar.


When i get the definition in my stomach that i want whether it is me being able to get a 6 pack or just the chiseled sides with a 2 pack (what you can achieve in a healthy way  depends on your body type and genes and all that good stuff) i am treating myself to a rockin new outfit that shows off my physique


(this is just an example)


after my workouts right now i am giving myself 1/3 of a cupcake to positively reinforce the desire to workout. My great friend Patrick gave me that idea and it is working because it is now the only time i can have a cupcake is post work and i LOVE cupcakes 🙂


And lastly when i get rid of my never leaving love handles i am going for a spa day!!!!!!



Now it is your turn….what are some of your goals and the rewards that will go with them?

Talk to you soon!

Rugged Maniac

Are you ready to get rugged?!

rugged 6

a great and super fun workout is to do an awesome Mud Run!

They vary in degrees of difficulty but are pretty much guaranteed to be a good time.

rugged 4

you can goof along the way!

There is a lot of team support! Strangers along the way help you over and up obstacles you cant make on your own, i definitely need help a time or two and you conquer  some great fears and do things you didn’t know you could….like jump over fire!

rugged 10


all in all a total blast and a great way to spend a Saturday with your friends !


and if that doesn’t convince you….you get a free beer afterwards 🙂

rugged 7

Most of the obstacles are fun and not tooo much work.

rugged 2

Try and mud run near you and let me know what you think 🙂

Happy Friday!


Good Morning everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their day. Today I am going to tell you about one of my New Year’s resolutions…to travel more!!!

No I don’t mean to Europe and Bali and China and awesomely exotic locals, I wish. One day that will be the case. But I have a serious yearning for travel so I made it a serious goal this year to do more of it.

My resolution was simply to go away one weekend a month, even just one night a month. I didn’t say how far away it had to be or what I had to do on these trips, the goal was simply to go. And it has been wonderful!

In January, my (now ex) boyfriend and I went up to his friends cabin for New Year’s Eve, it was only about an hour away and it was nothing crazy. We had a little get together and hung out the next day but it was fun and refreshing.

February, Brandy and I went to Astoria for a night and went total tourist! We saw the Astoria column and went did a little movie tour, saw the school from Kindergarden cop, the Goonie’s house, the twilight house. We had a blast!!!


the goonies house!

March I went to Newport all by myself, my first trip ever alone, and stayed in a little motel. From the moment I checked in until the moment I checked out, I didn’t leave my room. I had brought fruit, cheese and bread with me. I read the whole night and slept so soundly. It was wonderful! No one to bother me or try and talk to me, total peace and quiet.

In April my mom came into town for my birthday and we spent a long weekend in Seattle. That was so much fun, again we did all the tourist stuff; the space needle, pikes market, the original Starbucks, the gum wall. Had some GREAT seafood. We would get up early and hit all the stuff and be back to our rooms before dark and spend the nights reading. We booked our room on Airbnb, a very cool thing that I will elaborate more about in a separate post. It was great fun.

blog 2

the original starbucks!

Now May has come and I went camping this weekend with Brandy and her family! I got to test out my new tent and sleeping bag, have my first S’mores in about 13 years hahaha and enjoy the outdoors.


great coffee from a little drive through on the way up 🙂


my adorable new tent (its tiny because it is light weight for long distance backpacking)


great friends!



awesome view!

The point is to simply get out and live, weather you spend almost no money and sleep at the beach in your car or stay at a 5 star hotel, just get out and do something fun! See someplace you have never seen before. Sometimes make an itinerary for yourself and sometimes just go and see what happens!

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!!!

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