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Planning Ahead

Hi everyone!

If your weather is still cool enjoy it becuase the days are definitely starting to lengthen and the heat will be coming soon! Today is going to be a short and to the point post. For me planning is essential other wise i dont bring enough food to school to last for the whole day and i end up eating crappy food out of the vending machine or from one of the not great food places on campus (they taste good but i regret all the crap later). My solution for this is one day every week i sit down and plan out my menu for the upcomming week. Now this isnt a hard and fast menu for the week, its a guide, if i end up going out or am craving something the plan changes and i dont beat myself up about it. Here is an example of two days of my menu.

sample menu

Its a guide for my day, it changes and flucuates but gives me a jumping off point. If i need the recipe for it i put where i can find the recipe in paranthesis next to it. As you start this you will have to adjust things, some days you will be hungrier than others. you will have to think about where you will be that day, what you will be doing and so on. Add in some fun stuff now and then, if you plan too much “healthy” food you will go crazy and splurge. look at my sunday breakfast i have 2 whole wheat waffles and fresh fruit, its still good for me but feels like a decadent weekend breakfast.

Comment and tell me how your menu turns out!

Thanks for reading and happy planning!

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