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Charity Miles

Hello readers!

Happy Easter! I hope you all have a lovely day, I woke up to some beautiful rain so I am a happy person. Today is also day 1 of a challenge I gave to myself to watch no TV all week! (except for a workout video or two) and to only check Facebook 3 times a day maximum. I am a total Facebook junkie so this will be good for me. So far its going great I have gotten so much done this morning! I feel so productive ha-ha. That being said lets get to the real content of this post; last time I talked to you about running and a great app called Couch-to-5k, which I still love! I ran for 20 straight minutes on Wednesday! Woohoo! Today I am going to tell you about an app that I use hand in hand with Couch-to-5k, its called Charity Miles. It earns you money while you walk, run, or bike for the charity you chose at the beginning of your run. To date, I have donated 1 bed net to help a child not get malaria from mosquitos and fed 5 hungry people. Its amazing to be able to help someone while doing something good for yourself. If you have a smart phone I urge you to get this app and start helping people! Also it will help get you off the treadmill and get outside because it tracks you through GPS so it wont work on a treadmill…..I don’t think.

Check out the App and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading and Happy Donating!

charity miles


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Hey guys!

For me, part of a balanced life, is excercise. Ever since i read the book “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” when i was in middle school, i have wanted to run and love to run like the character Bridgette. She talked about it so passionately that i wanted to feel that too. Now i tried a few times to learn to love running and it never worked. I would jog until i got a side cramp and was super out of breath (which was all of 2 min, if that) then would walk until the cramp went away and try again. After maybe 3 rounds of this i would give up.

I even registerd for a 5k last december, then my friends who said they would run with me backed out for various reasons (no hard feelings) and i ‘trained’ all of once before the race. Race day came and the race was postponed due to weather. The next sunday i got food poisening the night before so i never ran the race, not that i would have been able to run it anyways.

A 5k was still a goal of mine but i didnt really know how to train myself in a way that i would stick with it. Then i found this great smartphone app called couch-2-5k that takes you from not running at all to the start line of a 5k! It is wonderful! Today i just finished week 4 day 3 (its three workouts a week) and i am loving it! I am actually loving running! And my body is getting stronger and the running is getting easier. I cant wait to cross the finish line of my first 5k on June 23, 2013!

Tell me how the app works for you and when your first run will be 🙂

couch to 5k

Thanks for reading and Happy running!

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So, originally i started this blog for a class and i had to choose a narrrow field of topic so i chose food, which i love. Now that the class is over i want to broaden my topics. I want to make this blog about everything i think is involved in having a balanced and healthy life. Please bare with me while i make these changes and please give your feedback, if you like or dislike a subject i talk about i would love your feedback. And as always feel free to add your experiances. I hope you like the changes i make! Talk to you soon!

Thanks for reading and have a balanced day!


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