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Hi Readers!

I am very happy to say that my life will calm down quite a bit here in just less than 3 weeks when I graduate with my bachelor’s degree!!! So I am super excited for that. Hopefully after that I will be a lot better about posting more often ha-ha.
Something new I just discovered and have fallen in love with is sample box memberships! These are awesome boxes that for usually about $15/month you can get a box of sample products shipped to you to try out. I just received my first box this week from KlutchClub. It is geared toward healthy and fitness oriented products. They have boxes geared toward both men and women, which I think is fabulous! Here is what I got in my first box:


1) Fresh feet wipes-they are antibacterial, 99% natural, and alcohol free. Great for after a night at the club in heels or after being out and about in flip flops.

feet wipes

2) Orgain organic nutritional shake- world’s first USDA organic, ready-to-drink, complete nutritional shake

organic shake

3) BlueprintBar- 100% raw and organic bar made from fruits, nuts, and nothing else


4) Celsius Acai Green Tea drink- a negative calorie drink for your active healthy life that has been clinically shown to burn up to 100 calories and provides lasting energy


5) DailyBurn 2-months membership- an online fitness site that has workouts tailored to different fitness goals

6) Speed nutritionals qspeed fast melts-sugar-free tablet formulated with naturally fermented coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) ***this is the only sample I’ve tried yet, but I love it! It actually tasted good as it dissolved on my tongue and it helped me get through an entire INSANITY workout with almost no breaks, something I have NEVER accomplished before and this was after a few crazy school weeks where I had eaten nothing but junk food for 3 weeks and not worked out once. This product gets 2 thumbs up from me.


7) Nature’s gate herbal body was- vegetable based body wash with skin smoothing herbal extracts

8) Ziggy Marley’s coco’mon & hemp rules- coconut oil (to use in cooking) and roasted hemp seeds (to eat, I’ve never had hemp seeds before, this will be interesting ha-ha)

coconut oil

9) Crunchmaster Crackers- crunchy gluten-free crackers made of toasted seeds and multi grains


10) Coupons to go with the products so if I like them I can purchase more at a discounted price.

I’ve only tried the one thing so but I loved it, can’t wait to try the rest!
The link is up top where it says KlutchClub is you want to take a look.

Comment and tell me is you belong to any sample box programs and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading and happy sampling!

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